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What Next?

Your course has been outlined and your sales pitch drafted, it’s time to get technical about the tools you need to actually build your online business.

That means before you go any further, we need to discuss the foundation upon which your business will run.

This probably won’t be a surprise to you, but the platform and digital storefront that you’ll create, market and sell your online course on will be a website.

And right now, you need to get that website up and running as fast as possible so you can bring your online course to market.

As you’ve probably noticed, there’s no shortage of ways to sell online courses these days.

Available solutions include:

Course creators should choose a solution that provides both affordability and advanced features to power their online course websites.

In fact, the solution we are referring to has become such an online business standard that 40% of the entire internet now uses it… and that’s why you’re going to use it too!

Keep reading to learn what this solution is, why you should use it as your online course platform and how it will help you grow your business over time.

WordPress: Your Online Course/Membership Business Platform

If you’ve never heard of WordPress before, it’s an open-sourced Content Management System (CMS) that’s easy to learn and technically powerful when integrated with the right tools.

Rest assured that it’s also a website solution that can easily scale with your online business as it grows. Meaning that you can always add more custom solution for your business down the road when necessary.

“But Wait… Why own your platform instead of an Online Course Platform like Udemy, Kajabi or Teachable?”

Well, like we told you earlier, it’s important to host your products on a platform you own and control (a.k.a. your own website). That is to say, an online location where you can manage how you interact with your potential and existing customers as you choose — without interference.

If you use online course solutions like Udemy or Teachable, you’re either forfeiting control over how you market your products and interact with your students (Udemy) or paying an arm and a leg to add courses to your website (Teachable). On platforms like these, your courses get lost in a sea of other products all competing at “race-to-the-bottom” prices.

That’s why building your courses/memberships on an easy-to-manage website is the ideal solution since it gives you:

…while also helping you stand out as an authority in your niche.

This last point is super important because great personal brand websites build trust with customers since people know they’re buying from a real expert instead of some fly-by-night course creator.

Why we are a good fit for you

So now that you know why it’s so important to build and host your online course on your own website, let’s discuss how to get your new website up and running right away…

Essentially, you need to prioritize 3 things when choosing your website developer:

If your website isn’t properly built, your website can crash or load so slowly that online visitors will bounce before they even read a single word on your website.

If security is poor, your online business and customers will be vulnerable to malicious attacks.

And if maintenance is nonexistent, addressing critical problems can take forever or be next to impossible to fix.

That’s why it’s not advised to simply pick the cheapest website developer available. Instead, you need to hire a company that’s proven themselves in all 3 of these areas. Getting your website development right will play a crucial role in your business success down the road.

Lucky for you, we are expert Online Course/Membership Website developers that understands how to effectively and professionally build that much needed website to host and sell your courses. When it comes to building a website for the purpose of selling online courses, Nerd Fount Website Design Agency is hands down the best solutions provider for solopreneurs just starting out like you.

We make sure everthing is done for you that you only need to focus on doing what you know how to do best; creating value!

Working with Nerd Fount on my website was easy as they made sure I got exactly what I asked for and even what I didn't know I needed. The process was easy as they understood my niche.

My website has been up for almost 2 years without any issues. I completely recommend Nerd Fount.
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